Sunday, 21 June 2015

Finally Phyllium tobeloense "Galela" Adults

Finally I have a nice, big group of adult P. tobeloense "Galela."

This is the first leaf insect species I have had success with so I am truly chuffed. I have had ROTTEN luck with P. giganteum in the past so this is a great success for me.

Now comes the long wait for eggs!

Peruphasma schultei "Pink Wing" Update

So my P. schultei "pink wing" have finally started laying eggs.

I have a theory that my food plant, Olea africana, might be less nutrient-rich that European food plants because my culture is very slow-growing and they dont seem to lay a lot of eggs. I am not sure if this is typical.

I initially had ova of normal and pink wing stock mixed, but none of the normals survived to adulthood, so I  would really like to try the normals in the future.

Here are a few pics.

Dares philippinensis Update

Hi Everyone

So my D. philippinensis are doing excellently. I have gotten my first few adult males and now I am simply waiting for the females to mature.

The males are probably just 40mm so a very small species. I hope to get some more small species in the future.

Here is a male

And a female