Saturday, 25 April 2015

First Adult Male Phyllium tobeloense "Galela"

So after quite a few months, I have about three or four adult male P. tobeloense "Galela" but all my females are still nymphs and sub-adult.

I just hope the males can hold on until one of the females mature.

From literature, a few of the females mature into yellow coloured adults so I really hope I have a few yellow ones!

Nice adult male

Beautiful sub-adult female

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Eurycantha calcarata Adults!

So a few weeks back a frend of mine from germany came to visit and brought a few sub-adult E. calcarata with him as a gift.

Although this is a very common species in Europe, here in Africa it is still quite rare, so I was incredibly happy to receive these!

Recently I have had a bunch of the moult to adult, so now just a matter of time before we see some eggs ;)

Nice big female

Freshly moulted male

 Male's defense mechanism! Potent!

Dares philippinensis Update

Hi All

It's been a while since my last post, so a lot of updating to do, but let's start with my little Dares.

Although none of them have reached adulthood, they are growing well and becoming more beautiful with every moult. I am quite fond of the smaller, more cryptic phasmids, instead of the larger, more popular ones, so this species is one of my favourites.

Here are a few pics:

Female in foreground, male in background


Female detail

Hope you enjoyed!